On-Demand Application Environments

Get a production grade environment up and running under 5 minutes!

Standardized and templated production-identical environments with the minimum drift from production. For use by anybody not only by developers.

Unlocking the power of major public cloud providers, each environment created is secure, private and has production grade resources. Security and reliability of the major cloud providers presented through a provisional environment, no more multi tenancy.

Standardization and automation help you to iterate and experiment. Imagine all the product team have their own environments to iterate, or your sales team to showcase the alpha features, or your CPO to touch the product everyday. What if you can experiment unlimitedly? What if you can have 500 sandboxes a month?

With a single command, the environment is up and running under five minutes and attached to user's local. Apply your security controls to all your micro environments, have your full kubernetes cluster. Get it with a GPU for ML development or with Arm for IoT applications.

How Do We Define An Environment?

It has production-grade resources and runs on an isolated network.
It is a kubernetes cluster, not a single namespace or dev containers.
The kubernetes is configured and tuned, it is more than a managed service.
No Day-2 operations. It is a disposable materialisation of the local code or a remote git branch.
It is very short-lived, self-contained and resumable. All the dependencies and components required by the code runs in the environment.
It's wired to your local environment in sync with the local code or not.
All the apps are accessible locally.
All the app logs can be seen locally.

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Step 1 Provision An App Environment
Amazon Web Services
Bring your own cloud. You can use your own existing cloud accounts. Apply your company standard security controls.
  • Minimum cost - It does not cost you a fortune like the production environment or any other environment.
  • A secure and private network is created to host the environments.
  • Integrate with existing managed cloud services or other environments.
  • You can apply your own security controls to the application platform.
Step 2 Attach The App Code
Local Code
The source code for your digital product could be hosted on any type of code repository. Use your existing peer review, testing or change management processes on your existing code repository.
  • Test in a real environment before you push your code
  • Code review on a provisional environment
  • Use a production-identical environment to test your changes
Step 3 Explore the Opportunities
  • Have your own production-identical environment
  • Frictionless developer experience with shorter feedback loop
  • Time-box your coding sessions and stop burn-outs
  • Faster onboarding for new joiners


Why you need more environments
Why you need more environments

Ephemeral Environments, developer environments.

June 1 2023

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