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Commandplane makes it possible to build a new environment and deploy the application and its dependencies in a few minutes, or precisely less than five minutes. . With a single copl env command, you get a secure, private, short-lived Kubernetes environment that hosts your application stack.Stay focused on the features, not the infrastructure. See a materialized view of the application from any feature

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CommandPlane command returns the handles to the new born applications after creating the environment. With a second a command, copl attach network tunnels created and log streams are forwarded to your local . The environment itself runs on a production grade hardware up to 8 vCPUs, 32 GB memory with a full fledged kubernetes cluster in a separate isolated network far from public access. It can only be accessed by the user who created from the user local environment.

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Now that, all the hassle caused by the infrastructure and platform configuration are eliminated, you can focus on the application itself and start playing with it.

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