Developer Environments

Spin Up A Production Environment

The new dedicated environment can have company standard tools like security and monitoring agents or be integrated with external services. The environment itself runs on a production grade hardware up to 8 vCPUs, 32 GB memory with a full fledged kubernetes cluster in an isolated network isolated from public access.

Gain Full Access

Our tool, copl, gives the developer access to the input, output of this newly born provisional environment and ability to modify the application deployed. The Input is connected through a multi hop network route that only the claiming developer can access. The output, or the logs of the environment is treated as a stream and forwarded to developer's local workstation where then can be followed. Eventually, the local code changes are pushed via synchronization mechanism. These three are the crucial actions to develop an application.

Run A Short Sprint Session

We believe the developer is more productive and and happy, if the work is made up of shorter sessions than longer days and nights. Assume this as your own sprints or hackathon sessions to cut the finish line. If not, then get a coffee, maybe decaffienated, and try again. And because you have concrete time blocks now, it is easier to control and organize the time but concentrate on the results.

Try the power of environments

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